A Hilarious Twist in Poetryland

David Lehman, who edits the bestselling (for poetry) Best American Poetry Series, has often been criticized for his “editing” of the series, which is top-heavy with his friends and students. As revealed yesterday by the brilliant Jimmy, Lehman’s wife, Stacey Harwood was included as one of the Best American poets in 2005. Funnier yet, she created an Amazon profile as “Poetry Lover” in “Madison” and reviewed this year’s edition, giving it stellar marks, natch. She berated Jimmy’s bad review and Jimmy himself. Amazon then removed Jimmy’s review, yet left hers. Meanwhile, Harwood fucked with the wrong poet; Jimmy clicked through the anonymous reviewer’s breadcrumbs and revealed her identity. How em — bear – assing!

Remember, don’t buy Foetry and don’t buy from Amazon!