Why Ægget Stol is a Marvel in Modern Households

Why Ægget Stol is a Marvel in Modern Households

Ægget stol, also known as the Egg Chair, is a modern marvel. Interestingly, it has been in the

market for more than fifty years, having made its debut in the late 1950s. The chair provides a

wonderful way of adding some retro style to your house. This piece of furniture achieved iconic

status in the 1970s. Since then, the chair’s unique and egg-shaped design has made it a

permanent feature in homes that want to stand out and be different.

Stretched-Out Version of Bubble Chairs

The chair is a type of the once famous bubble chair. In fact, some experts believe it’s nothing

more than a stretched out version of the bubble chair. However, where it stands out is in the fact

that it fits the human body better than other types of chairs. The chair, which Arne Jacobsen

designed in Denmark in 1958, has been one of the most copied designs around the world. It has

become more popular than what Arne envisioned when designing it for SAS Radisson Hotel.

Over the years, Ægget stol has undergone numerous changes and modifications. This means you

can customize yours depending on the kind of style you wish to create in your home. For

example, it’s normal to find this chair fitted with stereo speakers. The speakers are normally

incorporated into the upholstery, especially where you usually place your ears. In the ensuing

period, the chair has become synonymous with enduring styles.

It’s Emerged as a Modern Trend

Although the actual egg chair is old in the market, it has emerged as one of the latest trends. It

provides comfort and style in equal measure. The chair is both a modern adaptation and redesign

of the original one that Arne designed. In the old days, the chair’s style actually denoted

exclusivity. It hasn’t lost any of its classic appeal or exclusivity. Although a classic, the chair

continues to capture the hearts and minds of modern customers.

The modern Ægget stol is renowned for providing high-level comfort and relaxation as stated

earlier. The chairs have high-quality cushions on the seats, which make them both soft and

perfect for relaxation or a bit of rest. The chairs come in varying styles. Feel free to choose the

actual Arne Jacobsen design or style. Similarly, let nothing hold you back from buying modern

adaptations such as Double Wide or Lunar Lounger.

It’s Available in Various Styles and Designs

The chair comes in various colors and designs. Therefore, don’t feel limited to a single option

alone. Most manufacturers make the chair available in more than ten different colors. This allows

you to choose a color that complements your office, home or room. For those who are interested

in the highly avant-garde pieces, the market has enough Ægget stol that come with a variety of

colorful and creative styles or designs.

There’s nothing wrong in customizing the Ægget stol according to your tastes and preferences.

The nice thing about this style is that its modern adaptations are much cheaper. This doesn’t

mean they cost the same with other conventional or standard chairs. However, the Egg Chair is

worth every penny you spend to bring it to your office, home or room. It’s a great addition and

marvel in your modern home, office or room.