Jorie Graham

  • taught at Iowa Writers’ Workshop and is now at Harvard.
  • selected her student,

    Joshua Clover, as winner of the Walt Whitman Award, which has since changed its guidelines.

  • selected her student,

    Michele Glazer, as winner of the Associated Writing Programs Award Series in Poetry in 1997, which prompted AWP to change its guidelines. Glazer, who studied with Graham at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, was awarded the Iowa Poetry Prize for her second book.

  • chose her student,

    Geoffrey Nutter, as winner of the Colorado Prize in 1999.

  • picked Iowa graduate

    James McCorkle for The American Poetry Review/Honickman First Book Prize in Poetry published by Copper Canyon Press.

  • awarded the 2004 Barnard Women Poets Prize to her former student,

    Tessa Rumsey, whose first book was selected for the Georgia Contemporary Poetry Series by Jorie’s ex, James Galvin.

  • “‘It’s hard to imagine how one could be a better teacher of poetry than she is,’ says

    Mark Levine, a former student who now teaches at Iowa himself.”* He must have been a very good student, as Graham picked his first book for the National Poetry Series in 1992.

  • Presented her husband/Harvard colleague,

    Peter Sacks, with theGeorgia Contemporary Poetry Series prize for his book.

  • A statement adopted in competitions to prevent judges from selecting students is often referred to as

    the Jorie Graham rule.


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