Why You Should Forget Buying Platinum Wedding Rings for Men

Platinum wedding rings for men might be costlier, but that doesn’t warrant rushing to buy them without doing enough research. In the eyes of many people, expensive rings are worth buying because the high cost means they possess the right quality.

However, platinum rings are impossible to keep free of scratches. You will struggle to keep these rings clean too. If you base your choice on durability and stylishness, don’t include platinum rings on your list.

Why should you avoid platinum wedding rings?

They are expensive

First, the rings are costlier, as stated above. This is because of the rarity of platinum. In fact, the metal is rarer than gold; thus costing more than gold wedding rings. Getting quality platinum rings might cost you thousands of dollars.

They are heavy

Platinum is heavy. It weighs more than other metals. Ideally, you should wear your wedding ring all the time. However, the heaviness of the platinum rings makes them hard to wear round-the-clock, which might not please your spouse.

They contain alloys

Platinum rings are not pure. What this means is that they are full of other alloys. It’s impossible to find all the platinum needed to produce pure wedding rings. The best option, as your jeweler would tell you, is to mix it with other alloys, which is bad news if you’re allergic to some metals.

They can’t avoid scratches

It’s impossible to wear platinum rings without seeing scratches on their surfaces. Platinum rings attract scratches like light does moth. The rings are easily scratched. Fixing the scratches is a different ballgame altogether due to the cost of repairing one of the rarest metals.

They are hard to clean

Because it’s easy to scratch, cleaning platinum wedding ring requires plenty of caution. Expect the ring to develop cracks or discoloration when you attempt to clean it using a method such as boiling. Cleaning the rings with toothpaste could create similar problems.

They are ‘unwearable’ all the time

Again, because of the ease at which platinum rings can develop scratches, you have to know when to wear them. You can’t wear the ring while washing dishes. You shouldn’t wear the rings while playing sports or doing some gardening and other labor-intensive tasks.

They are hard to find with local jewelers

Platinum rings are hard to find. This is because few jewelry stores stock or sell them. The high cost of the rings makes them unprofitable for jewelry stores to sell. After all, only a few wealthy individuals can afford to buy the rings.

Platinum is a rare metal. Therefore, mining it, is not good news, as this reduces the amount of platinum that’s left on the earth. It’s then safe to conclude that the metal is not environmental friendly. If you believe in a green earth, you wouldn’t want to make rare metals more precious.

Lastly, the platinum wedding rings for men can only last a lifetime with proper cleaning and storage while ensuring that nothing scratches them. Cleaning the rings is a costly and a huge challenge. The ring isn’t the best because of the effort it takes to keep it clean.

Ask expert jewelers for more information on the best wedding rings for men.

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